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ABOUT Sonic Mandala

Born in Philadelphia, PA USA ,Kevin Colman (Sonic Mandala) has been composing guitar based music for over 30 years. Now Sonic Mandala produces many genre's of music for sync licensing, along with free and contribution based music for world distribution. Growing up in the Midwest United States Sonic Mandala was heavily influenced by the classic rock bands of the 80's and the psychedelic sounds of the 70's. during the early 90's, studying electronic based and computer generated music in college at the State University of New York , took compositions in a different direction. in 1998 the instrumental album "Unit 5" was released under the label pastime productions and was distributed exclusively on the original MP3,com. Using the Mantra "Sonic Mandala" Kevin continues to compose music using a blend of Looping, improvisation, and Sampling . Most recently Sonic Mandala has been exploring productions based on healing frequencies and resonance.  A new full length album "The Frequency of Life" was released on March 17 2019, following up the 2017 single releases of "City Girl" , "There's Always Tosorrow" and 2018 single releases "New One", "Good Times", "Ticklish Feat" and "king" .  


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